About us

ARTHA  was born at intersection of craftsmanship and timeless sensibility. Our philosophy is to provide designs for the home that are both luxurious and functional. While many of the designs are modern in aesthetic, they have almost all been created using ancient crafts. That’s why, we follow carefully every step of our work. Every piece is made with LOVE by our artists with care to every detail.

The Magic of candlelight with ARTHA!
To create more natural handcrafted candles we use only high quality products, 100 % natural soy and coconut wax, which is the best eco friendly choice and is a renewable and sustainable resource.
All our fragrances are free from parabens and other dangerous chemicals and are specially formulated for candle-use.
Our candles are completely handmade with care, from creating the ceramic recipients to pouring, labeling and packing.
ARTHA’ s Mission is to bring joy into your lives! Combining art, spirituality and beauty, our products will help you align with your higher self, reconnecting, healing and inspiring you to all that you truly are - Love, Truth and Magic.
Luxury is a State of Mind…