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Black Candle

Black Candle

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The Magic of candlelight with ARTHA!

To create more natural handcrafted candles we use only high quality products, 100 % natural soy and coconut wax, which is the best eco friendly choice and is a renewable and sustainable resource.
All our fragrances are free from parabens and other dangerous chemicals and are specially formulated for candle-use.
Our candles are completely handmade with care, from creating the ceramic recipients to pouring, labeling and packing.
  • 12 D x 10 H cm - 500g
  • Black Plate
  • Burn Time: 50 hours
  • Fragrance: Arabian Love
  • Ceramic, Soy&Coconut Wax with Single wick

Candle description:

Create a space of positivity and warm atmosphere. Nested in a blend of creamy, natural soy and coconut wax, infused with incredible room-filling scent from our premium fragrance oils, this candle is perfect for your self-care ritual.

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